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Author Topic: Mother has kits on cage floor! What to do?  (Read 1057 times)


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Mother has kits on cage floor! What to do?
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:22:06 am »

You go to check on your new doe to see if she had kits and discover kits everywhere! They are on the ground and cage floor and are cold.

The first thing to do is gather them and take them to a source of warm water to give them a warm bath. Be very careful not to allow water in their nose and mouth as they will drown.
Once they are warm and clean use a blow dryer on low to dry and warm them. Once they are clean and warm return them to the mother and put them inside the nestbox. Make sure the doe pulled hair and has made a nest and if she did not them use some extra saved fur to make the nest yourself.

Keep an eye on the kits every few hours for the first few days to make sure mom is nursing the kits and she has not urinated on them. If she urinated on them then clean the nestbox and reinsert the kits and move the nestbox to a different spot in the cage.
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