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Author Topic: What makes a good breeder rabbit  (Read 1652 times)


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What makes a good breeder rabbit
« on: November 25, 2014, 03:55:24 pm »

A good breeder is of course a rabbit that will breed and have babies. But there is a way to know if you have a good breeder or not by following a few rules.
First of all learn about the standard for your breed of rabbit. There is a book called "The Standard of Perfection" available from the ARBA. Here is the link. https://www.arba.net/store/store.php?ac=viewProduct&id=3
This book tells you the standards for your breed. By reading this book you will discover standard traits your breed should have. Qualities such as correct weight and correct body structure will be listed in this book.
Now that you know your breed you can examine your breeder rabbits to see if they are up to the standards. Breeders should be as close to the standard as possible.
Breeder rabbits should have good teeth. Look a pictures of rabbit teeth to see the correct structure. The top teeth should overlap the bottom.
Breeder rabbits should be healthy.
Check ears for ear mites. Use Extra virgin Olive oil (small drop in each ear) every three days to kill them.
Check the hocks. Hocks are the bottom of the hind feet. The hocks should be thick with fur. A breeder rabbit should not have sores on the hocks.
Good quality mother instinct includes:
     Makes good nest with plenty of hair.
     Does not urinate on kits.
     Does not get upset and stomp kits.
     Only visits the kits once or twice a day to nurse. (About 5 minutes or so)
     Should not sit in the nest box. (Only to nurse).
Good moms sometimes need practice so give a doe (mother) a couple of tries before you rule her out.
Good breeder rabbits are handled easily and like their masters.

OK hope this helps
Ken Nipper
Creator and Developer - RabbitBreeder.Net