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Author Topic: Watering Methods  (Read 1846 times)


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Watering Methods
« on: June 19, 2014, 03:13:19 pm »

There are several ways to give water to you rabbits.
The cheapest and easiest would probably be a water bottle or a crock.
Water bottles are pretty easy to use and you can see when they are dirty or empty. Filling water bottles can be time consuming if you have a lot of rabbits though. I started with bottles and 15 cages and it took 30 minutes a day just to fill them. They can get dirty too. Algae will grow in them and it takes a brush to clean them well.
Crocks are probably the dirtiest way to water a rabbit unless cleaned daily. They get dirty real fast and must be dumped and cleaned daily. Some rabbits will have problems getting their fur wet from sticking their face in the water. Rabbit may urinate in a crock also. I don't recommend crocks or bowls unless you keep them very clean.
Automatic water systems can be expensive but they are the best.
I use a pressure regulator and push the pressure down to just 2 lbs psi. PVC pipe around the outside of the cages with a stainless steel licker for each cage and my rabbit drink strait from my well water. The water never is exposed so contamination is minimal and I never worry about them running out of water. Now I spend time with the rabbits rather than watering the rabbits...It's really nice.

There's a type of automatic water system that uses a 5 gallon bucket and a sump pump to circulate the water. The pump pumps the water around the cages and then back to the bucket. I tried this type and my results were that it got dirty with hairs and bugs. It had to be cleaned about once a week and had to be filled daily. It was almost as much work as the water bottles. Algae will grow in the bucket as well.

I saw a system one time made from and old toilet tank. Tank filled automatically just the same as a toilet and the water flowed by gravity to each cage. The toilet tank was mounted about 10 feet high to make sure gravity did the rest of the work.

What ever you use make sure you keep the water clean and available at all times.
I hope this helps some of you.
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